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Board Members


Joanne Shine (Chair)

I guess my background is one of communication, after a 14 year gap to raise my family; for six years as a professional fundraiser, a change of direction led me to train and qualify as a Therapeutic Counsellor.  I am very busy working with clients and facilitating groups. I really enjoy my work, but it does limit my available time for other activities. 

However for me it is important to be part of Warwickshire CAVA, because having been a board member of Volunteer Centre Rugby, I feel very strongly that the work of the voluntary sector within my own town needs to represented, but also being part of a County wide organisation is vital to our survival in a changing environment.

I hope that my past experience of management, fundraising and communication will contribute to the success of the organisation.


Stephen Nightingale MA  Dip.HSM
Born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire in 1945
Left Grammar School at age 16 years – entered Hospital Administrators Training Scheme.  Married – 2 children, 2 grandchildren, 1 stepson

Worked full time as Chief Officer/Company Secretary, Council for Voluntary Service – Warwick District from January 1999 until May 2008. Project Manager for establishing WCAVA during 2006 to May 2008.

This was a second career, following early ‘retirement’ in August 1998 after 37 years as an NHS Manager, in Sheffield, Doncaster, North Humberside, Harrogate and Ripon, and South Humberside.
Gained a post graduate Diploma 1995 and then an M.A. “Leading Innovation & Change” in 1997, from the University College of Ripon & York St John.

  • Currently Vice Chair of WCAVA - Warwick LMC.
  • Board member of Older People In Action – Warwick District
  • Board Member of Coventry Solihull and Warwickshire (CSWP) Partnership – also involved with HR and Facilities sub committee
  • CSWP Representative on Employment and Skills Board for Coventry and Warwickshire.

St Peter’s Church, Wellesbourne

  • Church Warden since 2007
  • Member of PCC and Ministry Leadership Team
  • Participant and trainer for “Growing Leaders”

Ancestry, Walking, Gardening, Reading
Music – sings with Wellesbourne Choral Society


Katy Harper
I first came to work in North Warwickshire in 1994 on the RECHAR funded Atherstone Regeneration Programme employed by North Warwickshire Borough Council as the link with the Atherstone shopkeepers who taught me so much about community development.   It was as a result of this work that I was asked to be a Vice –President for the Atherstone division of St John Ambulance.   This was a purely supportive role at first but, as is the way of all voluntary work, you gradually get dragged into the net so that I became a First Aider and eventually Treasurer for the division. 

I stayed working in various communities across North Warwickshire until 2003, by this time working for the North Warwickshire PCT.  Then I became Senior Officer of a CVS type infrastructure organisation based in Chelmsley Wood but covering the whole of North Solihull.  North Solihull might only be 12 miles down the road but it is a world away from North Warwickshire.  Eventually I opted for a calmer life to work part-time more locally as Development Officer for Beeline Community Transport where my Lottery funded post is one of volunteer recruitment, service promotion and funding. 

I now live in North Warwickshire and know and understand the geography and communities of North Warwickshire really well; I never stop being amazed by the size of this rural area, by its many boundaries and the variety and dedication of the voluntary and community groups therein.

Catherine Ann Hayes
I am a mother of 3 grown up children and have been married for 30 years. I have been running Nuneaton Club for Young People for 10 years, 6 of which as Managing Director/Chair of Trustees/Club Leader.

I then got involved with Nuneaton & Bedworth Sports Forum and was voted on the executive committee as Vice-Chair then later as Treasurer. In 2005 I became Trustee of Nuneaton & Bedworth Leisure Trust and in 2008 was invited to join the board of trustee of Warwickshire Clubs for Young People.

All these positions are still current but the one that I spend most of my
time as a volunteer with is Nuneaton Club for Young People.

Judith Morley
Born in Basingstoke, Hampshire, I attended Grammar School, followed by Commercial College in Birmingham. From there I went to work in the Prosecuting Solicitor’s office, and after a short time with the then British Motor Corporation, I went to West Cameroon, in West Africa to administer their overseas technical assistance programme from 1962 to 1966. This involved identifying technical needs such as training, provision of road building equipment, animal husbandry etc, and applying to overseas governments for provision of the aid, including the UK, USA, Germany and the USSR.

On my return to England I secured a post with the Birmingham Housing Trust (now Focus Housing) as their Housing Manager, and later Deputy General Manager.

After a break to have my two children, I worked for Management Consultants, and then moved on to Aston University, where I worked in the Business School, the Schools Liaison Office, and finally as the Head of Administration in the School of Languages & Social Sciences, where I stayed until retirement.

My leisure time has always been dominated by my involvement with Girl Guiding, and my work with my church, where I presently serve by looking after the safeguarding of children and young people, and vulnerable adults within the church community.

After joining Girlguiding as a Brownie, reintroducing Guiding to Cameroon, and enjoying several leadership roles, including County Commissioner for Warwickshire, and Deputy Chief Commissioner of the Midlands Region, I am still actively involved by Chairing the County Campsite team, and being Chairman of my local Trefoil Guild. It was through Guiding that I was invited to join the Board of WCVYS (Warwickshire Children & Voluntary Youth Services), and for the last six years have been the Chairman of that organisation. Being involved with WCVYS has furthered my interest and ability to work with children and young people, and has given me the opportunity to work for a better deal for the children of young people of Warwickshire. I believe that I can bring to WCAVA the experience and point of view of children and young people, and can experience the broader picture. I hope that WCAVA will be able to take advantage of my skills, and I am looking forward to a long and happy association working with the management and office teams. 




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