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Independent Examination

If your charity has a total annual income of less that £500,000 then you may not need to have a full professional audit.  The law allows instead for an independent examination to be carried out.  If your income is below £25,000 then there is no requirement to have your accounts independently examined.  However some organisations still choose to do so to satisfy members and funders.
An independent examiner must be someone who is not connected closely with any of the trustees, has the ability and experience to understand and scrutinise charity accounts, and can devote the time and effort needed in order to undertake a competent examination of the accounts in accordance with relevant regulations in relation to independent examination. If your organisation is required to have an independent examination and the income exceeds £250,000 then there is the additional requirement that an examiner will need to be a member of a specified accounting body.
Here at CAS we are suitably qualifed to carry out independent examinations for organisations with an income of up to £500,000.
For more information or if you would like us to undertake an independent examination of your accounts, please contact a member of the CAS team.

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