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CAVA Connect - Guidance

  Warwickshire CAVA actively encourage articles from voluntary and community groups within the Warwickshire area. These can be to update others on your project or organisation, share success stories or a call for help.

Article submissions are free – however there will be a charge to include adverts.
(please contact Marketing and Communication Team for details)

  If you are considering submitting an item, please remember the following:
  • Articles should be a maximum of 400 words
  • Please ensure that articles are submitted by the deadline.  We cannot guarantee that late submissions will be included in the forthcoming newsletter
  • Wherever possible articles to be submitted by e-mail.  Hand written or typed submissions will be considered, but need more work for us to use them
  • Articles to be submitted to
  • Feel free to also send your organisations logo or a relevant photograph.  If submitting a photograph please ensure that is in focus and of good quality and resolution
  • Please add contact details to the bottom of the article ie “For further information contact ……. (name, telephone number and e-mail address)”
  • We will endeavour to use your item without making any alterations.  However it may be necessary to edit, reduce or omit your article due to space constraints or if we feel the article is not in keeping with our policies and aims

For further information please contact Owen Jones on 01926 477519 or e-mail

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