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Community Matters: New Free Business Planning Tool for Voluntary Sector

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise organisations can now turn to a new free business planning tool which has been designed to function like a game to help them become more business like and competitive.

Community Matters, the national federation for community organisations, which launched the tool called “Can You Plan It?” late last week, said that the tool is intended to make business planning more approachable, participatory and enjoyable.
The tool offers a creative and imaginative approach to strategic planning and can be used by trustees, volunteers, staff and users, including young people.

Community Matters has characterised the tool as “flexible” and says that users can either adopt an imagined organisation based in the fictional town of Blaybeck to learn more about the process of business planning, or they can adapt the tools to model situations for their own organisation.

Community Matters Chief Executive, David Tyler, said:
"Even very small community and voluntary organisations are now finding that they need to become more businesslike and competitive to survive in the current climate and Community Matters is committed to providing a comprehensive set of tools to help them get there."

The tool is available as a free, downloadable pack, including session-based resources, instructions for facilitation, further guidance, templates and information on the business planning process. For further information and to download the tool, visit the Community Matters

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