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Landfill Communities Fund

There are six main areas of work that can be undertaken when utilising LCF monies, these are called the 'objects'. The objective of your work must be actual physical works at an identified site. ENTRUST assesses the work you propose to undertake before it takes place. This is called project registration. The areas of work that can be undertaken are: 
The remediation or restoration of land which can not now be used because of a ceased activity that used to take place there.
The reduction, prevention or mitigation of effects of pollution that has resulted, or may result, from an activity which has now ceased.
The provision, maintenance or improvement of a public park or other general public amenity.
The conservation of a specific species or a specific habitat where it naturally occurs
The repair, maintenance or restoration of a Place of Worship or a Place of Architectural Importance.
The provision of financial, administrative or other similar services by one organisation enrolled with ENTRUST to another.

Contributing Third Parties (CTPs)
Landfill operators (LOs) do not get 100% tax relief for the amount they give to the scheme, some may require you to find an independent third party who will reimburse the LOs up to 10% of the award to cover this cost. The amount you might have to find from a third party contributor will depend on your funding route.

Multiple CTPs
There can be more than one CTP that makes up the 10% you will need to find. CTPs are very diverse and include major PLCs, Local Authorities, groups, clubs, Statutory bodies and individuals. They can come from the private, public or voluntary sector and some are charities.

Who cannot be a CTP?
A CTP must not:

  • Gain a unique benefit from the project going ahead
  • Be made up from LCF monies.

Open information about CTPs
ENTRUST needs to know the identity of CTPs so that it can regulate the scheme effectively. Environmental Bodies (EBs)must tell their LOs the name and address of the CTPs who will be making a payment, and the sum to expect
LOs have been separately instructed to record information about contributing third parties and submit it to ENTRUST. Sometimes LOs will find a contributing third party. In this case, the LOs must pass on the name and address to the EBs being supported when money is passed to the EBs.

LCF monies cannot be used as the CTP amount. Any monies provided for the CTP payment must be proven as sourced from other monies, and accounted separately accordingly. It is ENTRUST guidance that any organisation hold LCF monies in a seperate bank account from other monies. This clarifies the position regarding the source of the monies.

Eligibility: Type of Organisation
A very wide range of organisations may register as EBs and receive LCF money. In addition, many organisations benefit from LCF funding without enrolling as EBs, choosing instead to work with Distributive Environmental Bodies (DEBs). However, whichever route to funding suits your organisation, you must comply with the following:

1) Not-for-Profit. You don't have to be a charity, but any surplus you make must be used to further your organisation's objects. Surplus must not be used to pay dividends or other rewards.
2) Your organisation must not be controlled - directly or indirectly - by a Local Authority or be an LO registered for landfill tax.

Eligibility: Location
The requirement, as far as location is concerned, involves the distance that you are from a landfill site. For all of the objects described above, apart from object DA, the maximum distance that your project can be away from a landfill site is 10 miles. For object DA projects the distance increases to 25 miles. Below there is a link to a download of the list of those sites that are currently registered as paying landfill tax (note: the “Site County” column can be adjusted to show only those sites in the county required). Also included is a link to freemaptools, which allows you to measure the distance between two postcodes. These two things can be used in conjunction to establish eligibility. If you experience difficulties in using either of these please contact us and we will assist you.

Please Note:
The fund is normally distributed by trusts acting on behalf of the landfill operators. These set their own criteria with regard to the distribution of funds, though the basic objects and eligibility criteria must always be fulfilled. There are a series of links below to those that distribute funds in Warwickshire, together with a link to Entrust, the fund regulator. These should be consulted with regard to specific conditions prior to making an application. Again, if you require assistance with this process please contact us.


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