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Lloyds TSB Foundation: Keen to Hear from Charities in N Warks, Rugby, Nuneaton and

This year Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales has £25m to give to charities that help disadvantaged people to play a fuller role in the community.

In the West Midlands, the Foundation have already funded a wide range of charitable causes, including debt advice services, support for the deaf and hearing impaired, citizen advice bureaus, Luncheon clubs for isolated & vulnerable older people, victims of domestic violence, community centres in areas of high deprivation and drug addiction support services.

This year they have £2.2M to give to charities in the West Midlands region and still have money available particularly for charities supporting people in Warwickshire. Unlike many other grant makers, 70% of the funding goes towards core costs such as salaries, overheads, rent and project costs.

Lloyds TSB Foundation is keen to hear from registered charities in North Warwickshire, Rugby, Nuneaton & Bedworth who can show how their work is making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged people, and helping them to play a fuller role in the community. For further details visit the Foundation’s website.  The website includes details on how to register a query; you fill in a short eligibility questionnaire, and if your charity appears to be eligible, your details are passed to the Grant Manager for the West Midlands, Peter Cunnison.  Peter will then ring you for a chat about your request for funding to see if it is something that the Foundation could potentially support.

The average grant size in the West Midlands will be around £25 - £30,000, but grants are made which are appropriate to the size and needs of the charity, so they could be less or more than this depending on your charity’s circumstances.   Charities must be targeting disadvantaged people, and must be able to show how their work makes a difference, so they will need to have appropriate monitoring systems in place.

If your charity is registered with the charity commission, is helping disadvantaged people and you have 12 months of reserves or less, then the Foundation wants to hear from you. Visit the website, have a look at the funding guidelines and complete the eligibility questionnaire. It only takes ten minutes and it will tell you instantly if your charity would be eligible for funding.

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