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New Ideas Film Premiere: Mate Crime – With Friends Like These

A group of young people with learning disabilities from Warwickshire are holding a film premiere of their mate crime awareness film at Abbey Theatre, Nuneaton on 24th October from 5.00pm until 8.00pm.

Mate Crime is when someone makes friends with a vulnerable person so that they can take advantage of them.

The Wacky Forum is a young people’s group that meets to speak up about issues that are important to young people and their transition into adulthood. The forum has recently been speaking up about Mate Crime; the term used to describe “when a friend messes with your head”. Kyle, age 14, Round Oak School.

The Wacky Forum have been working on raising the awareness of Mate Crime to help those who are victims find confidence in saying no and find sources of help. Their film is aimed at raising the understanding of mate crime with the hope to raise the awareness that mate crime is a crime. They worked with Scott Harrison (Warwickshire CAVA) to write their script and Heart Break Productions to create the film they are premiering on Wednesday 24th October 2012.

“We chose this project because we want to help people with disabilities that are victims of hate and mate crime”   Alex, age 18, Exhall Grange School. (young person’s project lead).

Wacky Forum has been inspired to do this project following the tragic death of Gemma Hayter, a young woman from Warwickshire who was “murdered by people she thought were her friends”.  "Like all of us, Gemma wanted friends and a social life and this case raises wider issues nationally about community safety for single adults who may be vulnerable to disability-based harassment, hate or mate crime and exploitation."

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