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Sorted! Young People’s Ideas Make Their Mark

The award-winning Sorted! scheme, which enables young people with issues around their mental health to access books to help them, has launched a bookmark to promote the service.

Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs and the Take 5 Project, funded by the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service, brought together young people aged between 14 and 19 in Leamington Spa who have experienced low self-esteem, self-harming, eating disorders and learning difficulties including Asperger’s Syndrome.

The young people came up with five suggestions for improving mental health – a five a day to improve mental health.  These form the back of a colourful bookmark.  They
• Try new things
• Socialise
• Be active
• Write it down
• Talk to someone

On the front are details for the Sorted! scheme, the award-winning partnership between Warwickshire Libraries, the Children's and Young People's Emotional Well-being and Mental Health Strategy Group and NHS Warwickshire.  It explains to young people that books which will help them come to terms with some of the issues that they might be facing that are leading to them feeling stressed or depressed are available at libraries across the county, and libraries in schools and colleges.  A QR code enables instant access via a smartphone to the sorted website.

These bookmarks will be made available at a range of outlets for young people including libraries, school and college libraries, youth centres, and to  a range of specialists who support young people, including GPs, school nurses and educational psychologists, to name a few.

Mel Scobie, of WAYC is the Take 5 project manager.  She was delighted that young people with real experience of some of the mental health issues that can beset young people and adolescents, were able to give so much input into the project.  She said:

“The Take 5 members have taken part in creative activities that boosted confidence and enabled them to find ways of expressing themselves whilst controlling their own mental well-being.  As a result they have made new friends and worked together to help others in a similar situation.  A fantastic result all round!”

Cllr Bob Stevens, portfolio holder for Health at Warwickshire County Council, said:  “Books on Prescription has helped people across Warwickshire to access help to enable them to deal with mental health problems.  Sorted!
is one of three schemes to date and has been created to enable vulnerable young people to help themselves through what can be a difficult time in their lives.  This bookmark is a proactive measure to help partners in the scheme to reach out to these young people and show them how they can go about helping themselves.”

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