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VCS Reps Needed for Troubled Families Task and Finish Group

You will no doubt have heard of the Troubled Families Initiative which is being rolled out by the government. Warwickshire is making good progress with this work and has a Task and Finish Group for which they would like 3 representatives from the Voluntary and Community Sector to be part of. The details of the meeting, which is next Monday, are below as is a briefing document on Troubled Families in Warwickshire.

If you are interested in being a VCS Representative on this group, contact Helen Smith as soon as possible.  One of the Reps would be required to be from a social housing provider.

Details of the Task & Finish Group meeting are as follows:

Monday 24th September 2012 1.30pm - 3.00pm
Board Room 1st floor Barrack Street Offices Warwick

The T & F Group does not have formal ToR. Essentially, it is a sub group of the existing county management group for the Family Intervention Projects with a slightly expanded membership. The Group has supported the development of our approach to TF since the early Spring. The agenda for the meeting is yet to be finalised but will include:

1.    General Update
2.    VCS Input and Perspectives
3.    Identifying families for inclusion within the Programme (mandatory criteria)
4.    Identifying current interventions
5.    Agreeing Local Criteria
6.    Financial and Performance Framework
7.    Future Work Streams
8.    Governance and Programme Management including membership and wider engagement
9.    Communications Strategy
10.    Report back from Louise Casey Visit and DCLG TF Coordinators' Meeting on 18th Sept 2012
11.    DWP / ESF Programme update

Please also see Briefing Note attached.  For further details or to express your interest contact Helen Smith on 01926 413611 or e-mail

Warwickshire Approach to Work with Troubled Families - Briefing paper.pdf543.53 KB

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