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WAYC Volunteer Committed to Helping his Peers, Finds Employment Success

With current unemployment among young people at a record high, WAYC’s work continues to address this issue, with some positive results. WAYC has several young people who have benefited from support, this includes local Leamington resident Shane, ‘Big Shane’ to his friends - aged 20. Shane has been a member of WAYC’s youth club since the age of 9.  His involvement as a youth club member has now evolved to a fully fledged youth work volunteer and has led to local employment - all with the help of WAYC’s Youth Workers.

Since joining WAYC’s youth club, Shane has volunteered his time to both the club and WAYC. This has included gardening, painting the youth centre, representing WAYC in an ambassadorial role at external meetings and conducting presentations on WAYC’s youth activities. He also mentors younger members of the club - all the time being guided by  Mel and Kieran initially and recently Nicky - WAYC’s experienced youth workers. As a result Shane is now training to be a Volunteer Youth Worker, which will result in a recognised qualification, as well as a volunteer Samba Football coach, which will become official once he has completed his Football Association badge. In addition, Shane has been supported by WAYC’s team of youth workers with one to one mentoring, employment training -  writing CV’s, interview techniques and completing job applications, which has secured him a job at a local recycling centre in Leamington.  

Shane said: ‘If I’m honest, I can’t believe how much I’ve achieved by going to WAYC’s youth club! It has inspired me to help others in my local community and has raised my confidence enabling me to push myself, whether that’s as a volunteer, or an employee. I’ve matured so much - just ask Mel, Kieran or Nicky!  They see something in all of us at the club and encourage us to aim high. It’s not always easy but if you want to change - you can with support. Through volunteering I’ve now earned respect from others and give it in return. It’s a great feeling. I’ve got real ambitions now - further down the line I’d like to qualify as a youth worker and football coach. Now I believe I can!’

WAYC continues to seek funding to increase this area of work and is running a local fundraising campaign to raise additional funds and awareness of youth unemployment. To donate or to find out more visit or request a fundraising pack by calling WAYC on 01926 450156.

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