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WCC Leader Urges Groups to Apply for Armed Forces Community Funding

Warwickshire County Council’s leader, Cllr Alan Farnell, has urged Warwickshire’s community groups to apply for funding from the Armed Forces’ £30million Community Covenant Grant Scheme to enable projects that will strengthen the ties between the armed forces community and the Warwickshire public.

Warwickshire County Council signed up to a community covenant earlier in the year along with many other partners in the county including district and borough councils, Warwickshire Police, Health and the voluntary sector.  Alongside the covenant, a partnership was established to ensure the objectives are delivered.

This followed a proposal by the Ministry of Defence in which local authorities enter into a covenant, a voluntary statement of support between the civilian community and the local armed forces community which complements the government scheme.  Signing the covenant enables those in Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire to access the grant scheme.

In Warwickshire, this will help former service personnel to access services such as housing, social care, health care and education for themselves and their families.  In Warwickshire, the county council has given free space to the Veterans Contact Point in Shire Hall to enable it to support local service personnel and former armed forces staff.

The county council is leading establishing a funding group within the partnership to consider applications to the £30million pot of funding from the MoD in which community groups can apply for grants to apply for funds of anything up to £250,000.

Examples of successful applications from elsewhere in the UK include projects to support community activities in rural, isolated areas, one-off activities such as an activity camp involving the Armed Forces and local young people, an exhibition at a local library or public building, an ‘oral history’ that can be taken by a local branch of armed forces personnel into a school or the enhancement of existing community facilities used by both local and armed forces communities.

The funding group will consider applications for funding on a quarterly basis.  Any approved applications will be forwarded to the MoD for final approval.  The next deadline for submissions is 25th October.  Cllr Farnell is eager for community groups whose services or work benefits the armed forces to apply for funding and enhance what they are doing.  He said:

“In Warwickshire, we are committed to improving the lives of armed services personnel and their families.  We recognise the debt that society owes these people and their families for the immense sacrifices they make for us and we are determined that we will do what we can to help them have a fulfilling life within our communities.

“We know that there is a lot of support within Warwickshire for the armed forces from the outstanding shows of support from the public at the recent parade on Armed Forces Day or from homecoming parades.  We know there is the will in our communities to make a difference.

“I therefore urge people to look at the MoD website and see how they get money to help them to do this.  The partners of the covenant are doing all that they can to ease the transition into civilian communities and this funding will allow members of the public to do the same.”

For details of whether community groups or proposed activities are eligible for funding and guidelines on how to apply, visit
and applications can be submitted by email to

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