Why health and well-being isn't all just fluffy stuff

This week we held our Staff event that had a health and well-being focus and it makes such a difference!
I am proud to work for and lead an organisation that has an intrinsic and firm commitment to health and well-being for all of its staff and volunteers. Without its staff and volunteers an organisation can achieve nothing at all and in times of global and economic uncertainty we often have no idea of what stresses and troubles our colleagues may be facing within their personal lives or through their extended families.
That is why at Warwickshire CAVA we invest in our annual away days and ensure that health and well-being is a core element of these days. Back in 2008 when we merged the CVS and Volunteer Centre organisations to create a more sustainable organisation there was a natural sickness and absence rate of 8%, way above the then industry standard absence rate. 
By taking a good look at our health and well-being practices I am very glad to say that we were recognised at the Coventry and Warwickshire Employer of Choice awards three years running soon after and saw staff absence rates drop to an all time low of 0.8%.
From a business perspective we believe that every employer should be looking to create a large reduction in absences and can through often very simple changes. More than that though, it is about ensuring that staff and volunteers are both safe and valued within an organisation as well as supported to explore ways in which they can manage their well-being better. 
We are currently working with employers who are looking to support their staff to volunteer as a way of giving back to their local community but it is also key to ensuring that all staff and volunteers have access to tools and resources that help them manage their mental health.