Autumn Budget

A short overview of the Autumn Budget and its implications for Charities and the Voluntary sector

The Autumn Budget has been referred to by the Guardian as a budget that leaves our sector 'sidelined' and by civilsociety as 'tepid, backward-looking and silent on our concerns as a sector'.

Whatever your views are, do let us know, as we would love to have you write a guest blog on our site which will also appear in E-grapevine.

NCVO has produced a handy guide to the Budget and its specific implications for our sector. As ever it is short and easily digested as well as getting straight to the point.

From policy changes on Universal Credit to Homelessness or VAT implications to a prediction of reducing average earnings over the next 5 years, make sure you are up to speed on the Autumn Budget.

NCVO Autumn Budget Blog

NAVCA have also undertaken an analysis of the Budget statement which highlights what wasn't in the budget listing the following Key omissions:

  • We were not given details on how Brexit will impact the EU funding that charities receive, or what will replace this funding once the UK leaves the EU.

  • There were no measures announced to support voluntary and community groups, to boost social enterprise or to encourage increased volunteering.

  • Over the past few years the Charity Commission’s Budget has been almost halved; slashed from £40m to around £21m. Further cuts are expected and Government has also plans to consult on proposals to charge charities to meet this shortfall. The Budget made no reference whatsoever to the under resourced Charity Commission, or how its funding gap will be plugged.

  • The Commission on Dormant Assets recently outlined that between £1-2bn dormant financial and non-financial assets could be put to social use, putting resources in the hands of communities to solve their own problems. However, the Budget lacked any reference to how dormant assets could help local communities.

  • The UK’s social care system is stretched to crisis point: Alarmingly, the budget made no acknowledgement of this and no commitment to for much needed increased spending on key services such as mental health and the care of older people.

NAVCA Autumn Budget Summary