Places of Worship - Security Funding Scheme

Funding is available for places of worship in England and Wales for the provision of protective security measures to prevent hate crimes from occurring.

The Home Office is providing £2.4 million to help secure places of worship in England and Wales. In a bid to tackle the increasing number of hate crimes directed at religious buildings, the government is making the funding available to places of worship so that they can purchase extra security equipment.

The main aims of this fund are to:

  • Provide security hardening measures for places of worship that have been subject to - or are deemed to be vulnerable to - criminal damage and extreme physical attacks
  • Identify places of worship at greatest risk of criminal damage and that would potentially benefit from the implementation of security hardening measures
  • Provide a level of reassurance to places of worship
  • Mitigate the impact of hate crime offences including but not limited to:
    • Criminal damage (vandalism, graffiti, arson)
    • Public order (inside the property).

An independent advisory panel made up of representatives from the Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities, with expertise on security issues in relation to places of worship, will consider all applications. 

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Application deadline: Tuesday, 20th September 2016

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