Warwickshire Carers Wellbeing Service

From 1st June Carers Trust Heart of England will be the provider of the service that supports unpaid carers across Warwickshire.

The service will have a slightly different title - Warwickshire Carers Wellbeing Service. As the current Guideposts staff team will be transferring to Carers Trust both carers and professionals will receive the same high level of support as is currently provided.

In the interim period Guideposts and Carers Trust Heart of England are working together to ensure that there is a smooth transition to the new service. This includes transfer of carers’ data in accordance with the Data Protection Act

Guideposts has been an integral part of the service provided to carers across Warwickshire for seven years and has built up many positive partnerships with a wide range of professionals in health, social care and voluntary sectors. The Carers Trust Heart of England are keen to  preserve these partnerships and the staff team are looking forward to  building on these and combining the knowledge and strengths of both organisations

Carers Trust Heart Of England  was formed in June 2015 by the merger of  the two main organisations providing support for family carers in Coventry for over 40 years- Coventry Carers’ Centre and Crossroads Care,  and as such have a wealth of experience to bring to Warwickshire. The new contract is an opportunity to take the service forward with an experienced and dedicated team supported by a well established and respected organisation.

There will be a  worker supporting carers in each of the five districts of Warwickshire and Guideposts  Carer Support Workers will continue to be responsible  for their current areas so their  knowledge of the area and relationships they have formed with you will be maintained. There will be a slight change in title to Carer Wellbeing Worker.

Should you wish to contact us you can contact Guideposts on 024 7638 5888 until 31st May.

From 1st June please contact Carers Trust on: 024 7610 1040 option 4. or email: carerssupport@carerstrusthofe.org.uk

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