Leo’s are coming to Stratford

Leo’s are coming to Stratford sponsored by Shakespeare Lions and supported by Tesco Bags of Help.

A new club is being launched on the 11 th May 2019 for young people aged 15 to 21 years. They will elect their own officers giving managerial experience in the areas of Club President, Treasurer, Secretary, Marketing & Social media.

The club members will look for ways in which they can help the local community by identifying a need and contribute towards supporting a project to help the situation whilst having fun. The cub will arrange their own social activities.

Benefits to members of a voluntary service organisation included:-

It provides supporting evidence for their CV’s or University applications. The voluntary element of the Duke of Edinburgh award could be covered. Learn to work in a team with new friends. Perhaps find something lacking in your life and discover an interest in your life not previously thought of. Join in the social life of the club.

Lions Clubs throughout the world in over 145 country’s with a total of over 7000 clubs with over 175, 000 members. The most important quality of joining this International organisation is a willingness to help others.

Interested or thinking about it join us on the 11 th May at 7.00pm at Tiddington Community Centre. We have all the details about being a Leo. With presentations, video, two bands from KES and Stratford College. Free food from the barbecue and refreshments will be available.

Please ensure you book in before the event as bookings will be checked on the door to ensure the regulations of the hall are not broken. Book your place now or ask any questions email: leostratford@btinternet.com.

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