Patient discharge pathways and services review underway in Warwickshire

A review is underway in Warwickshire to look at the range of services and pathways that exist to support the timely discharge of patients from hospital and to ensure they have access to the right support in the community.

The review will look at how services work together across the county and how they will need to be commissioned in the future to improve outcomes for people and their experiences of the discharge process.

Services provided by primary, community and acute health, as well as social care, care providers and the voluntary sector across Warwickshire will be engaged as part of the review, with a focus on the current Discharge to Assess Pathways 1, 2 and 3, and support to patients such as those that continue to have an upper or lower limb restriction upon discharge.

The views and experiences of current and potential future users of services, as well as their families and carers will be a key focus of the review as well as those of staff working in health and social care and care providers, to make sure the review is guided by the needs and outcomes of people.

Building on previous local reviews, it will consider wider policy and demographic influences to understand potential needs and demands on discharge and step-down services in the future.

A set of specific commissioning intentions for discharge-based services and a commissioning plan for these services will then be put forward.

In addition, potential 'step up' preventative models of support will be considered, which will reduce demand on inpatient services and, consequently, discharge and step-down services.

The review is being led by South Warwickshire Foundation Trust (SWFT)'s Out of Hospital Collaborative and Warwickshire County Council's Targeted and Integrated Commissioning, working with key stakeholders.

The kick off the review, stakeholder meetings have taken place and an engagement plan is being worked up. 

For more information on the review, and/or if you have any views of experiences of these services please contact Katie Herbert, Senior Integrated Commissioner for the Out of Hospital Collaborative, South Warwickshire Foundation Trust and Warwickshire County Council. Email

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