Shakespeare Lions: Young Ambassador Competition

Are you an unsung Student Hero during these difficult times?

During the Pandemic many young people have been active in community service helping make the lives of others more tolerable.

If you are undertaking voluntary work of any description, or have an idea to help others, Shakespeare Lions would like to hear from you providing you are 15 and not 19 years of age by the 30th June 2021.

Each year Stratford upon Avon Lions Club look for a Young Ambassador of the 21st Century to represent them in a national competition. This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to benefit from the experience by:

  • Gaining valuable evidence for their CV and impress any future employer

  • Support evidence for the Duke of Edinburgh award

  • Valuable information for University Applications

  • Have the opportunity of gaining experience delivering presentation skills and project management

  • Win £50 to £1550 to fund a project of your choice endorsed by a not for profit organisation being funded at various levels of achievement

  • Subject to travel regulations at the time, the opportunity to attend a European conference free of charge and compete for a further £1000 for your project

  • Experience the joy and satisfaction of being responsible for initiating a service for the benefit others.

If you live or are undergoing schooling in the Stratford area or local villages you are eligible to apply. Contact from young people, with guardians approval or guardians and charities can seek more information direct. If you have an Idea which will benefit the community in some way and do not have a charity to support you help could be at hand. For more details please contact Peter Humberstone of Shakespeare Lions:

Phone: 01926 842614

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