Timebanking is an exciting way for local people to come together and help each other by exchanging knowledge, help and skills.

What is Timebanking?
Time banking is a way for people to come together to help others  in their community and be rewarded for it- in time.  For every hour of time you give helping someone you receive one hour time credit. All skills are equal, and one hour = one time credit.  For Example - Joan does one hour of gardening for David - She receives one hour of ironing credit  back from Lakbir. David helps Chris to set up on line shopping.

The Time Bank will also hope to run fun, free activities in partnership with the local community

Who can Join?
Anyone, who lives or works in the priority areas of ARLEY, KINGSBURY, ABBEY AND BEDE can join. You don't need any special skills - just the time and the willingness to help others and receive help in return.  No matter what your age, ability, employment status or mobility - you can get involved in Time Bank.

Cheryl Jones, Time Bank Coordinator is currently looking for members to help set up and join Time Bank - if you want to know more please get in touch using the details below:

Email: cheryljones@warwickshire.gov.uk
Tel: 07443 345610
Facebook - time4warwickshire

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