Reducing parental conflict e-learning

Warwickshire County Council (WCC) is rolling out its Reducing Parental Conflict Practitioner e-Learning training offer (funded by the DWP).

Latest reports suggest that lockdown has led to an increase in parental conflict. This can affect children’s outcomes in the long term, so there is a real strategic focus across the public sector to continue to provide support for families as we come out of lockdown. Reducing Parental Conflict (RPC) Training has been developed to help you to identify, discuss and equip parents to reduce and resolve conflict. 

This training is designed to support anyone working with families in building awareness and developing the confidence, knowledge and skills to work with parents to reduce conflict and drive more positive outcomes.

About the e-Learning

The e-learning has been designed and tested by a wide range of specialists and stakeholders to ensure it provides a sound and rounded grounding in the area of reducing parental conflict and the 4 RPC modules. Each module takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and the e-learning can be repeated or revisited as often as you like and is accessible for 6 months.    

Who is this training for: 

These  modules  are  designed  as  part  of  an  awareness  programme  exploring  the  evidence  base  for parental conflict and its impact on children. The e-learning is open to a wide range of participants including teachers, frontline practitioners, senior leaders, voluntary groups and service designers or commissioners working in a variety of roles across Local Authorities and associated organisations.

What you’ll learn:   

The awareness you will gain from the course will lead to greater identification of opportunities for early intervention. 

Module 1: Understanding parental conflict and its impact on child outcomes   

Module 2: Recognising and supporting parents in parental conflict  

Module 3: Working with parents in conflict showcasing a series of tools that can be used to work with parents, encouraging behaviour change and promoting positive communication  

Module 4: The role of supervisors and managers in managing people to address parental conflict 

To register your interest for you or your colleagues please go to the Reducing Parental Conflict - E-learning Booking Form 

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