At Warwickshire CAVA we house, develop and support a vast range of projects to come into development and achieve sustainability. Whether by providing affordable accommodation to local groups and charities, employing staff on behalf of local groups, drawing new funding programmes in to key local neighbourhoods or helping to 'kick-start' new initiatives, we can support your vision of a successful project to become a reality.

Accommodating Local Projects
We are committed to using our local bases to provide affordable accommodation to projects, organisations and groups who are working to support communities and address inequalities.

Currently we accommodate the following organisations, groups and charities:

Healthwatch Warwickshire is the independent consumer champion, created to gather and represent the views of the Warwickshire public on health and social care issues.

Families First offer a variety of services to support families in crisis, our area of expertise is supporting victims of domestic abuse. Our service is offered to anyone who is or has been in an abusive relationship. Our organisation has had over 20 years experience of working with families and has an excellent reputation for offering safe, non judgmental support.