Rural Life Project

What do you love about where you live?

We’re sure there are lots of things, but if you think it could be even better, we may be able to help!

Would you like to...

 - take part in local activities?
 - see your village hall used more?
 - help a local cause be more involved in your village?

Warwickshire CAVA is carrying out a project to help people living in rural areas to get the best out of what their village has to offer.

We can help you to:

 - make the most of your community spaces
 - set up new groups and support existing groups
 - apply for funding for your group/organisation
 - recruit volunteers​
 - organise an event​
 - organise training
- find specialised support

Suzanne Collinson, our Rural Capacity Officer (Warwick District only), can talk through your ideas and point you in the right direction for help. For more information, call 07935 003025 or email:

Site categories: 

  • Crime/ Community Safety
  • Rural
  • Support
  • Warwick District