CAASS: Adult Autism Education Programme

on Monday 2nd Nov, 2020 at 1:00pm

Are you an adult with an autism diagnosis or think you may be on the spectrum and would like to find out more about this condition? This 5 session online programme looks at how we, as adults, are affected by autism; what challenges it brings (along with the positives); and where to seek support, with room for discussion and learning from each other.

Community Adult Autism Support Service (CAASS) are running this online using webex (a video conferencing platform) and each session lasts 90 minutes.

For more information and to book your place please visit:

Week one: Understanding Autism
How common is autism? Is it increasing? What difference autism can make to day to day living with tips for living well with fewer meltdowns and shutdowns.

Week two: Autism and Positive Wellbeing
Looking at positive mental health from an autism specific viewpoint – how to stay well whilst living with autism.

Week three: Sensory Processing
When we live with autism, our sensory system is often a little different. This might mean we are highly sensitive to sounds or have trouble balancing. Come and find out more about this and how you might be affected.

Week four: Communication, social anxiety and friendships
In this week we are looking at how to cope with social situations and how to manage the anxiety that may occur in social situations. We will also be looking at friendships both online and face to face.

Week five: Anxiety management and emotional regulation
Understanding emotions can be difficult. By learning to understand your own anxiety, you can start to manage it better. In this week we look at ways of coping with overwhelming emotions and anxiety so that we feel safe and in control. We also briefly look at other services available and provide suggestions of where else you may find support.

If you would like to take part please book via Eventbrite or if you have further questions about the course please call 024 7771 4545 and leave your name, number and postcode, or email:

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