WCAVA: Encouraging Inclusion

on Thursday 25th Feb, 2021 at 1:30pm

Encouraging inclusion: Recruiting and retaining a diverse group of volunteers - FREE training session.

Date: Thursday, 25th February 2021
Time: 1.30pm-3.30pm
Trainer Becky Nixon, Ideas to Impact

Inclusion, equity and diversity is a common area that volunteer-involving organisations can find difficult, so if this is a challenge for you, you are not alone!  This challenge can be solved by considering how your aims around volunteering inclusion and diversity link with your overall organisational aims, having a systematic way to approach inclusion, and committing the necessary time and other resources.

This workshop is aimed at anyone in organisations that involve volunteers, and will:

  • Look at what research tells us about volunteers and diversity from the start to the end of volunteers’ journeys

  • Examine some of the challenges in supporting and retaining a diverse group of volunteers

  • Consider how volunteer diversity relates to your overall organisation’s aims (and vice versa)

  • Introduce a framework for how to think about and address volunteer equality, diversity and inclusion, from reaching out to potential volunteers to making sure they have a positive experience whilst they’re with you

  • Provide some practical ideas about what’s worked for other organisations and enable you to get ideas from others.

You will leave the session with an action plan of next steps for your organisation.

Ideas to Impact
Ideas to Impact workshops will be delivered by Becky Nixon.  Becky has been an Investing in Volunteers assessor for 15 years in which she has spoken to 1,000s of volunteers about their experiences across all roles and sectors.  With NCVO she has recently redeveloped a new Investing in Volunteers standard to be launched in March.  She has been a volunteer, managed volunteers, researched volunteers and provided consultancy and training to volunteer-involving organisations.  Becky is particularly interested in using research and psychological insights to combine with on the ground experience to help organisations to develop systems that are right for them.

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