WCAVA: How to have happy and engaged volunteers

on Monday 22nd Mar, 2021 at 1:30pm

How to have happy and engaged volunteers: volunteer motivation, satisfaction and retention - FREE training session.

Date: Monday, 22nd March 2021 
Time: 1.30pm-3.30pm
Trainer Becky Nixon, Ideas to Impact

NCVO’s research Time Well Spent with over 10,000 volunteers identified eight key features that volunteering opportunities need to have to be successful.  We will look at some of those areas that are key to volunteers having a positive experience and remaining engaged with your organisation.  These areas include volunteering that is balanced, connected, flexible, impactful, meaningful and enjoyable.

This workshop is aimed at anyone working with volunteers or their managers, and will:

  • Provide an overview of what research and direct experience tells us makes most of a difference to volunteer motivation, engagement, satisfaction and retention

  • Identify different personality types and life stages that may be a factor in what volunteers want and how they respond

  • Review different models of volunteer management and how they may be appropriate in different settings

  • Think about how to balance organisational and beneficiary needs with varied volunteer motivations

  • Consider the systems and processes that can motivate or demotivate volunteers including opportunities for support, learning and development, recognition, communication and connection with others

  • Identify your challenges and provide ideas to overcome them.

You will leave this session with an understanding of what works and doesn’t work in different situations, and some practical ideas to implement in your own organisation.

Ideas to Impact
Ideas to Impact workshops will be delivered by Becky Nixon.  Becky has been an Investing in Volunteers assessor for 15 years in which she has spoken to 1,000s of volunteers about their experiences across all roles and sectors.  With NCVO she has recently redeveloped a new Investing in Volunteers standard to be launched in March.  She has been a volunteer, managed volunteers, researched volunteers and provided consultancy and training to volunteer-involving organisations.  Becky is particularly interested in using research and psychological insights to combine with on the ground experience to help organisations to develop systems that are right for them.

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