WCAVA: Volunteering and the Law

on Thursday 25th Mar, 2021 at 10:00am

Volunteering and the Law - FREE training session.

Date: Thursday, 25th March 2021
Time: 10.00am-12.00 noon
Trainer: Dave Cliffe

The aim of the session is to give volunteer managers a better understanding of their legal obligations in managing their volunteers effectively. It covers such things as health and safety, employment law and lone working.

At the end of this session, learners should be able to:

  • Identify areas of the law that relate to involving volunteers

  • Recognise ways to reduce risks and potential legal challenges around involving volunteers

  • Understand how to create good practice in involving volunteers in your organisation.


Voluntary Action Leicestershire (VAL)
VAL like WCAVA is an infrastructure support organisation; they are contracted to provide support to the VCSE sector across Leicester and Leicestershire. This service is commissioned by both the City & County Councils and Clinical Commissioning Groups. A significant part of this contract is the provision by VAL of training, learning and networking events. As an accredited Volunteer Centre, VAL provides regular training sessions to volunteer managers covering a range of topics. Content will be tailored to the different groups attending the sessions and they encourage all groups to share the issues they may be facing.

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