Warwick District Poverty Forum Directory

Warwick District Poverty Forum has been in existence since spring 2014. They are an inclusive group; the members are all representatives from frontline groups and charities in the area. The aim of the Forum is to develop an environment where all organisations involved in supporting people living in poverty can work together. They hope to create a culture of positive change and support within Warwick District to help empower people in poverty to improve their quality of life.

A mapping exercise to identify services available to combat poverty in Warwick District was undertaken and the resulting document, Warwick District Poverty Forum Directory, was officially launched on Friday, 14th September 2018 by Matt Western, MP for Warwick and Leamington.

This directory of services is intended to be used by frontline workers to enable them to signpost to specific and/or relevant services. The latest version was updated in November 2018.

 Warwick District Poverty Forum Directory 30.01.20
 Warwick District Poverty Forum Directory - A5.pdf (1.18MB)
 Warwick District Poverty Forum Directory - Booklet.pdf (1.17MB)

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many organisations are changing the way their services are delivered.  We are in the process of gathering information about what services have been affected.  The information we currently have is on the attached spreadsheet.  We will endeavour to update this as things change.

For more information please contact Gill Jones on 01926 477512 or email: warwickinfo@wcava.org.uk

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