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Warwickshire Community And Voluntary Action (WCAVA)

  How & Why Warwickshire CAVA Was Formed
  Warwickshire Community And Voluntary Action (CAVA) was formed on the 1st April 2008 and has achieved the merger of the following organisations:
  • North Warwickshire Council for Voluntary Service
  • Nuneaton & Bedworth Council for Voluntary Service
  • Rugby Council for Voluntary Service
  • Volunteer Centre Rugby
  • Volunteer Centre Warwick District
  • Warwick District Council for Voluntary Service
  Each of these organisations voted to merge to form this new and exciting organisation under the commitment to deliver more effective services and support to the organisations, groups and volunteers that we support within Warwickshire using the best practice each organisation developed during their collective 200 year histories.
  What We Provide
  Warwickshire CAVA provides the following support to the Voluntary & Community Sector Organisations and groups within Warwickshire:
  • Funding advice/Support
  • Group support/Development
  • Community Development
  • Training
  • Strong Representation under COMPACT
  • Community Accountancy
  Warwickshire CAVA supports volunteers within Rugby and Warwick District. Our Volunteer Centres provide the following:
  • Volunteering Recruitment and Referrals
  • Campaigning and Promotion
  • Good Practice in Volunteer Management
  • Youth Volunteering
  • Transport Projects
  Whether you already volunteer or work for a voluntary or community group/organisation or if you are interested in volunteering contact your local office.
  Raising Our Standards

Warwickshire CAVA is guided by the two National Associations (NAVCA and Volunteering England) to which it affiliates to provide high quality Development, Support and Liaison work through our locally based front line development workers.

Increasing both the number of volunteers and the impact that volunteering has at local levels are key aims of Warwickshire CAVA.  Through our volunteer centres in Rugby and Warwick we support hundreds of volunteers every year to make a real difference, whether to an individual’s quality of life or within their local community.

  Our Vision
  A thriving and well-resourced voluntary and community sector throughout Warwickshire that meets community needs and provides an excellent experience for all.
  Our Mission
  Warwickshire CAVA promotes, develops and supports a vibrant voluntary and community sector to enable local people to shape and influence their communities.
‘Strengthening Warwickshire’
  Our Objectives
Warwickshire CAVA supports the identification of needs in the local community and facilitates improvements in service provision to meet those needs
Warwickshire CAVA assists local voluntary organisations and community groups to function more effectively and deliver quality services.
Warwickshire CAVA facilitates effective communication, networking and collaboration amongst local voluntary organisations and community groups.
Warwickshire CAVA enables the diverse views of the local third sector to be represented and supports structures which promote effective cross-sector partnership working.
  Strategic Partnership Work
Warwickshire CAVA ensures the third sector’s role as an integral part of local planning and policy making.
  Since its formation, Warwickshire CAVA has achieved the following awards:
  Coventry & Warwickshire Employer of Choice Awards 2009 - Special Achievement          Coventry & Warwickshire Employer of Choice Awards 2009 - Highly Commended          NAVCA Quality Award 2009          Coventry & Warwickshire Employer of Choice Awards 2008 - Health & Wellbeing Policies - Commendation

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