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Join over 800 organisations across Warwickshire on Warwickshire CAVA’s Volunteer Connect service

Volunteer Connect

Simply Connect is an online brokerage service accessible via Warwickshire CAVA’s new website. It is an automated matching service that offers a fast and free route to recruiting volunteers.

Why it is different?

Simply Connect offers individuals interested in volunteering the opportunity to join a volunteer bank. For every role you upload, Simply Connect will automatically search the volunteer bank for individuals interested in the type of volunteering role you are promoting. Organisations can view volunteer profiles and contact individuals. This means a faster, more streamlined matching service – at your fingertips.

Once registered, organisations can input and manage their own profile and roles, or ask Warwickshire CAVA to do it. Additionally, organisations can benefit from a wide variety of support – visit the ‘volunteering for organisations’ page for more information

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Recruiting Volunteers

Whether you want to recruit volunteers for the first time, develop and promote new roles, get support with managing volunteers, or access best practice resources, we can offer support tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Support for your Volunteer Programme

Warwickshire CAVA supports volunteer-involving organisations and groups in developing and maintaining good practice in their relationships with volunteers. 

Visit our Resource Library: or select the library links below to view up-to-date fact sheets and templates, which are available to download separately or as compilations.

Library links

Advice and guidance on creating these cornerstones of your volunteer programme. Includes sample policy wording, sample handbook and sample agreement that can be amended to suit your programme.

Comprehensive information on law as it relates to volunteers. Includes information on welfare benefits, insurance health and safety, DBS checking, data protection, safeguarding and more. Template letters and sample agreements can be downloaded.

  • Sample volunteer registration forms and interview forms available to download and amend to suit your purposes. Fact sheets and resources coming soon on developing a recruitment strategy, formulating role descriptions, promoting roles and more.
  • Volunteer Management: information coming soon. To include: volunteer retention, inclusive volunteering, addressing challenges with volunteers.
  • Involving Young Volunteers: information coming soon.

For more information or to arrange a meeting, contact your local
Warwickshire CAVA Volunteering Coordinator.