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Stratford Social Inclusion Partnership

Increasing community reslilience

The Social Inclusion Partnership (SIP) is a partnership of partners from the public, voluntary, charity and community sectors who aim to minimise the likelihood and impact of social and financial inclusion in Stratford on Avon and increase community resilience.Its priorities are set out in the Stratford on Avon Social Inclusion Statement 2022-20224.

Stratford On Avon District Council funded CAVA to employ a Development Officer to support the voluntary, community and social enterprises sector’s contribution to the SIP priorities.

The post started in 2020 and since then over 70 groups have been supported and over £400,000 secured for work within the District.

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Diverse Group of People Community Togetherness Sitting Concept
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Diverse Group of People Community Togetherness Sitting Concept

What are the SIP priorities CAVA can support?

Community Venues, Financial Hardship, Health and Wellbeing, Isolation, Under and Unemployment, Younger People.

If you have an interest or work in any of these areas, we can help with the following support.

So if your work impacts upon one or more of the SIP themes and you would like to discuss how we can support you please get in touch.


‘Chris Freeman has been a very supportive partner in my work and very generous with his knowledge.’

‘I would like to thank you for your help with our Green Shoots application.  They awarded us the full amount applied for, which was just over £24,000.  They were very impressed with our application and asked if they could include on the website.’

‘Thank You does not convey my gratitude Chris, It has been great learning ’

Chris Freeman, development Officer

For further information please contact us