Tribe Project

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The South Warwickshire Place Partnership Delivery Group and Board brings together representatives from Health, Local Authorities, Healthwatch and CAVA to work together to improve the lives of people within our communities across South Warwickshire.

About Tribe

The Partnership board is funding a pilot initiative called Tribe provided through Bronzelabs.


The Tribe free phone app and website holds information on all kinds of local groups and activities that could help people to connect with others and find healthy living activities.

Some examples include:

  • Local Health, Fitness and Sports Activities
  • Parent Wellbeing Groups
  • Career Support
  • Community Hubs, Cafés & Advice Centre

The pilot will initially work in North Leamington and Shipston.

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Survey Results

The Reconnect, Reflect, Rebuild event and the ‘State of the Sector’ survey outputs were conduits to identifying significant concerns in the sector for financial sustainability. Growing demand for services, the challenges of volunteer and trustee recruitment are also key concerns for the VCSE along with concerns about increased social isolation, digital exclusion and mental health issues in the communities they serve. Collaboration and partnership between VCOs and across sectors was recognised as a key success factor of the COVID response and continues partnership work is welcomed. The impact of the VCSE during COVID has been recognised and organisations are keen for its profile to remain high.

Findings from the State of the Sector survey were used to help inform the SMBC VCSE Strategic Assessment.

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