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What is this ‘Volunteers for Carers project?

Volunteers for Carers, was a project commissioned by Warwickshire County Council (WCC). The project started in July 2021 and ended September 2022. The impetus for the project was the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on unpaid carers, many of whom lost their support networks overnight and are struggling to rebuild these in the current climate. With this in mind, the aim of the project is to develop volunteering programmes through existing VCSOs to support carers, particularly in relation to loneliness and social isolation. 

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Funded projects

22 separate projects were funded through the grant, totalling £18,121 of expenditure.  The projects fell into the following categories:

  • respite to carers – both on a one to one basis and through opening up day care places to more families,
  • offering carers an opportunity to go on a supported day trip with their loved ones as part of a group outing, 
  • offering carers holistic therapies whilst their loved ones are being cared for and supported;
  • setting up fun days and days out for young carers over the summer recess;

For details of each project funded and for contact details to refer carers click the links below:

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