Becoming a Member of Warwickshire & Solihull CAVA

Membership Benefits:

Membership Forms
If you’d like to be a member, download, complete and return our membership form. To find out if your organisation is already registered, please click here.

Register your Organisation
 CAVA - Organisation Registration Form.doc (315.5 KB)
 CAVA - Online Organisation Registration Form (opens in a new window)

Register as a Community Activist*
 CAVA - Community Activist Registration Form.doc (188 KB)
 CAVA - Online Community Activist Registration Form (opens in a new window)

*An individual who has an active interest or engagement within the VCS but are not employed by an organisation that is eligible to become a Member.

Individual​ Membership Notification
CAVA's Trustee Board will discuss your application. Once they are satisfied that you or the organisation you are representing meet our criteria, they will accept or decline your membership application.

You will be informed in writing about your application within two months of applying for membership.