Warwickshire & Solihull CAVA Membership

Welcome to our new Members Portal, launched 21 June 2022
NOTICE: Members and Affiliates that registered prior to the launch can update their details by selecting the appropriate Login button below and using the Sign Up form to create your new login details. If your organisation is already registered on Simply Connect, our volunteering database, you can login using your existing details. Then find your organisation listed to see the details we hold for you. Please check over, amend as necessary and Save to update our records. Once we have approved your update, you will receive a new membership email, confirming you are now registered as a member/affiliate on our new Members Portal.

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Full Membership

Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations

Full Membership is open to all organisations operating in the voluntary sector within Warwickshire and Solihull. This includes unincorporated groups/associations, community groups, social enterprises, CIC’s, CIO’s and Registered Charities. As a member you can benefit from:

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Affiliate Membership

Private & Public Sector Organisations 

Although full membership benefits are only open to voluntary and community sector organisations, we wish to work collaboratively across all sectors to support and improve the communities we work and live in. This includes working with employers to provide Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV), giving employees the opportunity to volunteer with support from their employer. 

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Individual Membership

An individual member would be defined as a ‘Community Activist’ if they have an active interest or engagement within the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) but are not employed by an organisation that is eligible to become a Member (VCS) or Affiliate (Local Government/Public Sector/Private Sector). Board approval is required for individual members, therefore there will be a slight delay in processing your application.

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If you have any queries regarding membership, please email