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CAVA has developed and gathered a wide range of online resources and downloadable documents to support and assist voluntary and community organisations. 

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 Funding & Income Generation

 Get funding to start a charity (Web link)
 You can start to raise funds for your charity once you have your governing document and trustees in place.


 Charity fundraising: a guide to trustee duties (Web link)
 What charities and their trustees need to consider when fundraising from the public.


  Internal financial controls for charities (Web link)
  How to manage your charity’s financial activity and use internal financial controls to reduce the risk of loss.


 Fundraising legally and responsibly (Web link)
 How to raise funds effectively and legally, protecting the public’s trust and confidence in your charity’s work.


 Writing a Case For Support (PDF)
 A case for support clearly states your organisation’s vision, and as it is written with passion, it compels potential donors and funders to support you.


 Income Generation Toolkit (PDF)
 This document is designed to help you think of ways to bring in income and formulate an income generation strategy.


 Charities: working with companies and professional fundraisers (Web link)
 How your charity can work with businesses and professional fundraisers to raise money or public awareness.


 Crowdfunding (Web link)
 Raise money for your own personal cause, a person in need, clubs, schools and communities.


 Charities and trading (Web link)
 Find out how to pay less tax as a charity and when to set up a subsidiary trading company.


 Charities and tax (Web link)

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